Sk8ter Boy

             The first time I saw Justin, I knew there was something about him that stood out from the other guys. I saw him in the park and around my school riding his skateboard. He was not the hottest guy I knew but he was definitely different and pretty sexy. He was sensitive yet not sensitive, and can make any girl smile. I fell for him when I was in 7th grade, at the library. I remember him coming there once in a while and.......this time he walked in and sat down in the middle table in the children section. I went to the library to draw and hang out with my friends, and since we were usually loud I hanged out in the children's section. I saw him just sitting there, waiting I guess for his computer time. I looked at him and I knew that he was in 9th grade, probably too good for me but I couldn't help but just to go up to him and talk a little.

            I knew he used to go to Carlson (my art teacher), and talk once in a blue moon so since we were both familiar with Carlson I decided to talk about him. I went up to him....and I remember just literally telling myself what to say to him. When we talked, it didn't feel awkward, we just talked like we were old buds' and he just treated me like I was his age (guys I hanged out with usually don't do that). From then on, he would hang out with me at the library, I would see him almost everyday and he made me feel like I ruled the world. I truly honestly think I fell for him. People might say, a 13 year old doesn't know anything about love but the truth is I am almost sure I felt sparks of love with Justin. So from that day on for about a month, he would hang out with me and we made our little group of friends. I even broke up with my boyfriend at that time for him, knowing that I didn't care not even half for my boyfriend then for Justin. It felt wrong and I told Justin about the break up but we acted like everything was normal, then our group of friends started asking us questions like "are u guys dating?" or "do you guys like each other?". Thinking that a 9th grader would never think about going out with a 7th grader I kept saying no we were just friends and he the same. I didn't know how much control he had over my mind until he asked one of my 8th grade friends out. I was crushed and I didn't know what to do, what to say so like a good friend I told him good luck. The craziest thing was I don't even think the girl, Elizabeth even cared about him, I think she just wanted to say that she went out with a 9th grader, a high schooler since she cheated on him in less than a day. I think Justin actually cared about her since he didn't want to talk about Elizabeth, he just ignored her subject the next day after they broke up (they broke up the next day by the way).

           I felt so bad but I continued to stay his friend and we still hanged out, until he started talking about Ella, my 7th grade friend and how he was starting to like her. That was when I was like, thats it. I wasn't dealing with that bull, and told him that I was busy and just stopped going to the library. I just couldn't take it since I liked him soo much and yet he couldn't see it. Justin by the way smokes and drinks but when I checked in on him about a year later, he was in a rehab school and had lost his virginity. And about a year and a half later, I learned that he did indeed used to like me but was just to scared to say anything about it. Now however, he is this gangster (so he calls himself) but somewhere inside me I know that he's still the sweetest most sensitive yet not so sensitive guy I ever known. I love him, I always did, and apart of me will always will. People say that I am too young to know anything about love but that's not true, I think anyone can get hit by love whatever age you are. And the craziest thing is that I don't think I would ever go out with him if he ask me to, knowing that if I were to hurt him or he to hurt me, I would never forgive myself.

Naee Naee
13-15, F
Mar 16, 2009