I Don't Know How to Stop.....when I Should

Well, it started the summer i was going into 8th grade .... it was august. I met this boy named austin. I lived in the midwest, and he lived on the east coast. He only got to stay for a week so i didn't get to see him long, but i went and got his phone number from a family member a couple weeks later....... it all went down hill from there..... or more like a roller coster ride.

Now, i am in 10th grade and yes, i still do talk to him, and i love him people say i have been treated like crap by him....but i don't know when to leave.

I just recently got a boyfriend and he found out and blew up after i talked about it he started swearing at me ignoring me everything. I still wanted him back. It didn't mater my freshmen/end of my 8th grade year he was different and i know he did love me. He took this to the limit.

After, a month and a half i broke it off with my boyfriend he ended up getting to clingy. Now austin will talk to me again....it's unbeilevable because i love him, and he knows it but he just plays around... and, treats me more like a friend with benifits ...that sounds kinda weird but im very tired of it....when i see him he is only going to think of me as a hook up ... or something totally wrong like that. I think more of him then that i want to be with him. I love him.... i guess he has changed to much since i first met him.

I don't leave like i should i didn't talk to him for almost two months and i still came back....and now i can't control my emotions around him i am the clingy one.... i don't know how to stop

there is some much stuff to explain i couldnt do it all in one story...but this is where i am at now. I got so frusterated this morning i had ton of mood swings and, i ended up deleteing his number so i can just think clearly for a bit

i know it isn't much of a story but i am just to frusterated right now and needed to do something about it instead of holding it in....

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2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Hey expressing it is the first step, just take a breath. Didn't it feel good to at least get the essentials down and out of yer system, at least for now?

I know this isn't much of the story there is two much over the last two and a half years.... to be put all into one i will share more things over time maybe