Have you ever felt like your world was closing in on u? Like you're running and going nowhere? I have. And I feel like my life is outta control I know there is people out there that feel the same way. But it's like this I'm fed up and just dont have anybody to talk. I'm suffocating and its killing me. (Not literallly of course). It's like I take two steps forward and five steps back. I miss having friends true friends and honest friends. I had a friend once and they never judged me and I miss them and I dont know how tell them and its so hard talking to yourself without a proper response I just want somebody to listen. 

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4 Responses Mar 18, 2009

ya, just start writing, or typing. I have about 12 letters written to someone who has gone from my life sitting in my 'puter, and it sure helped to just get it out even though no one was listening!<br />
try it....

Hey you ever tried free writing? Just write down everything on your mind, don't worry about grammar, spelling, or format. Or you can even doodle them down!

how do start everything is so unbareable right now

I know it's difficult to find true friends. You may find the friends who care for you, but still have trouble understanding you therefore difficult to connect to.<br><br />
<br><br />
Go ahead, I'm listening.