40 Wasted Years

I was married to my husband for 40 years when he died.  A few years ago I started finding out he was with many other women besides me. A sister-in-law, two of my friends, other women I didn't know. It has shocked me and changed me to realize I didn't really know him. How could he act out a marriage that way? Why didn't he just tell me so I could have a life with someone who did love me? I guess he was having his cake and eating it too. I didn't know what kind of person he really was. I thought we had a great sex life and a good marriage. I am in a better place now than when i first found out all this stuff. I am sometimes at family functions that my sister-in-law is at, this is pretty difficultfor me.

momule09 momule09
1 Response Mar 20, 2009

sorry to hear this, but you still shared some great moments in time together so it wasnt completely 40 years wasted, but now you have many more years to enjoy so regert nothing from the past and look with courage into the future all the best