Things Never Change

My biggest mistake was believing people could change. He told me over and over he loved me, I was his soul mate, he wanted me as his wife. blah blah, then as soon as another girl gives him attention he is on to her. He has done this before, usually when things dont work out with them he comes running back to me. I let him 3 times, I loved him. I'm tired of fighting for his heart, and I hope he doesnt expect me to this time. The hardest part is that we have a son together, so I cant push him out of my life completely.

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2 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I guess the saddest thing in a relationship betrayal happens to be the acceptance bit.<br />
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Try accepting the fact that... He who strays would never turn around regardless of the promises he have made. It has been proven countless of times over...<br />
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I am sadden that you have had to live this through but always remember that behind each overcast sky, lies a rainbow... Let it go if you could and perhaps that rainbow might not be that distant and out of reach...<br />
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Best regards...

Well im 14 trust in God and you will make it thru i know its hard but it for your son