I think it has happened twice - loving someone that didn't love me back.

I think she liked me but couldn't love me for many reasons, I believe she wanted to love me but she wouldn't let herself, then later on she started to resent me.

I loved her - I could have spent a long time making her happy and caring for her, making her feel special and loved, if only she'd let me.

My friendships never worked out... they were the wrong kind of people for me, or vice versa. I can get on with people, and have a laugh, but that's all I've ever known friendship to be. No closeness, no trust, no cares. But I can't understand why? Other people seem to acheive it all. 

Right now I am extremely lonely, in a very lonely situation. I isolate myself sometimes because of my depression, but that's how I deal with things. All I ever wanted was someone to talk to, someone that would love me.

I thought I'd found them, but everyone is the same, or so it seems.  

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1 Response Mar 22, 2009

Why don't u make some friends on EP and chat with them. It definitely helps especially, when u'r down.