It Wasn't Meant to Be

i was friends with a guy and we were so close. in a way he knew i had feelings for him but his boys kept saying things. i was madly in love with this guy yet i never told him. as we grew up space seemed to pull us a part. i saw him date all the wrong girls. every guy i dated never could measure up to him. his mom called me her daughter-in-law and my mom treated him like he was part of the family. i knew with every fiber of my being he was mine. funny how fate has a way of snappin u back into reality. we went to different schools and i hadn't heard from him since.

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4 Responses Mar 25, 2009

if it will be it will...for now i guess i have to be comfortable with myself.<br />
<br />

i understand. :)<br />
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hope you'll find love soon!

true but thats a part of my life i want to and dont want to get back... i want it back because i could have giving someone all my love. and don't want him back...hopefully im making sense :-)

unfocused, you never know. tomorrow is another day. :)