Many Times

I had many loves like this. One thing is common: the boys didn't know it that I loved them. The first one was a star: Joe from the New Kids. Then came that boy from my school. I was 11, he was 14. I knew his name and where he lives. I wanted to write him a letter. I was too shy to let him know how I feel. Later I had a crush on some of my classmates.

I remember one guy the best. He was a very good friend of mine. He liked Roxette too. He was so nice to me. I thought that he loves me. But he never said. He liked The Corrs too. I bought a tape from them. And what was the hit song? "What can I do to make you love me?" I always remember him when I listen to this song or any of the Rox-songs. Once I met him in the street and he was walking with a good girlfriend of mine hand in hand. It was terrible but I had to pretend that I am happy.

There was an other guy too at the university. He was very kind to me as well and we could talk so easily about everything. He was the exeption. I said him that I loved him. But he said that he doesn't feel the same. I was disappointed but he stayed my friend for a while.
dreamygirl dreamygirl
31-35, F
Aug 21, 2007