I Still Do.

 In my lifetime of memories I can think of at least four people I really loved. It is said that it is better to have love and lost than to have never loved at all. I do not agree. Sometimes wearing your heart on your sleeve doesn't get you much but a place to blow your nose while you cry over things you can't change.

Disastrophe Disastrophe
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1 Response Mar 28, 2009

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Yeah love has ruined me in the past. I let it, I suppose. I couldn't escape it. But I think I can love again now finally, crazily enough. It took many many years and lots of misery and hard work on myself and other tragedies even.. sigh. I never thought it would be possible honestly. But I think it really truly is now. I just need to find the right match now. Living my best life now, hoping for the best new relationships and the guy I can grow and share myself and life with to meet me and us fall in love like a fairy tale...<br />
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I hope you are able to heal from your past loves. I know it is so hard and I wish I had good advice. All I can think of is to do your best to not be bogged down and depressed but go out into life and do what brings you pleasure, take part in those things you love actively and make yourself happy and you will attract good people and things to you and have reasons to rejoice. Hugs * I wish no one ever got hurt in life. It is more than awful.