The Unamed Feeling

My life didnt turn out at all like it should have been. My story is no different but the same over and over again. I hate this feeling and have found no cure. At all. Besides music. Most people would tell me im popular and have friends and to get over itbut they do no feel the pain. If u need some songs that would make u feel better i got a huge playlist that has taken years to make but is well worth it. The pain will not leave. please comment on this. I thought i was the only one. ha.
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Listen to 'In This Life'.. by Ronan Keating. or Unwell by Matchbox 20. One might give you a feeling like love aint worth going thru anymore ..and you did once felt loved. The other is like telling yourself..u aint crazy..just a little unwell.. Hopefully it helps.

I would like to see the list of your songs. Maybe they will help me in my life's journey.

You are definately not alone in feeling this way. I too have many songs that I listen to when I am feeling low and melancholy about unrequieted love. Sometimes we can better appreciate and even "enjoy" these songs, only if we have experienced a lost love, the songs then touch us and move us, because we can relate.

be thankful for what you could be worst.

My life sucks too. Im the least successful in my family; probably the ugliest . Im single at 42 and have a house full of animals even though Im fulltime employed and work all the hours . I just feel like such a loser and why did this happen to me, of all people. But then in the course of my job, I have to get clients medical records and when I see how their lives are, Im glad Im me. Sometimes the grass isnt always greener and folk arent usually what they seem. YOu ve just got to try to do the right thing and make the best of your things and be happy with your deal . It could always be worse. I know this doesnt really help but atleast you enjoy your music . Now imagine if you had an accident and lost your sense of hearing........ See what I mean ? !<br />
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Take care. try to enjoy life and be happy with what youve got.

The music I've found that has helped me through the TOUGHEST times... and I mean tough!... has been Casting Crown's. They have a myspace page with some music on there you can listen to to get an idea (if you have myspace). or just google them. Please don't EVER give up hope! :-)

Lol is wonderful i know what you mean so do you have any good songs to help me i just found out this guy was using me for sex and i need music

I have always felt that my life has not turned out as planned. I think we all do in some sort of way. The older I get the more I accept this and try to walk thru the fire. I do believe that we can create our own is a matter of choice, believing in our dreams enough, and trying to be the best we can be. I truly hope things will get better for all of us....if we only *BELIEVE*!!!!

yeah..we need a playlist in least something we can hear every morning before doing any activities..its sucks when the 'lonely' feeling always come to you everyday..everymorning..when you love someone that didnt love you..<br />
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i quotes this from PS I Love You "No matter how many friends i have, he just not there anymore.."uugh thats hugh!!

Anyone up for sharing their playlist with me ?

The truth of it is that *everyone* feels deep and profound and very personal pain. But very few people show it, and some people have developed much better ways of dealing with it.<br />
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After many years of raging at such feelings, I've realised that it's just not helping. Does it inspire me to write brilliant poetry, music or novels? Does it drive me to great feats of courage and accomplishment. No, it just creates moping and what the heck use is that to anyone, especially me? <br />
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And once I looked deep enough, I realised that I was worried about losing that feeling - have it long enough and it becomes part of your identity. However, who am I kidding? It'll always be there, one way or another. The trick is to make sure it's not the ONLY thing there. Find as many things as you can that bring you other feelings. And give yourself permission to feel them, too. <br />
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After all, if you want people to love you for who you really are, you have to let yourself be *all* of the various shades of yourself.<br />
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Anyway, that's just my take on matters. It's possible I'm really just talking about my own stuff, because human psychology is based on projection ;) But if we're both lucky, maybe you'll find something useful in that.

you are not alone in the play-list thing. i have many! keep your head up!

lol, I don't know what you are saying exactly but I have a play list that helps me out too in tough times. Hope things will change for you.