Unrequited Love

last summer i finally got together with this girl who i had feelings for the previous six years..the passion was incredible  and something i had never experienced before.  I thought about her constantly, wanted to be near her all the time..in short i fell totally in love with her and she knew it as well.  She was honest with me and told me that she didn't feel the same way but enjoyed my 'company'...i wasically a **** buddy!  i was shattered by this but thought that in time she would fall for me...she didin't and ultimately finished the relationship to save me anymore hurt.  We are still friends now and go out for drinks and meals everynow and again.  I still love her like mad but she now seems to take great delight in telling me about how much 'fun' she has with other guys.  I'm recovering from all of this now but for a while i thought my life was ending...it's tough but you have to stay strong thru stuff like this..i don't want to lose her as a friend as i've known her a long time..but it is hard at times. 
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my story is kinda similar, but in much less concentration. I really like my best guy friend, and we talk about ups and downs. But the worst thing is that he has a crush on our classmate. I see her few times a week, in Chemistry, Biology lessons. And it kinda hurts me to see his crush everyday, and i act friendly towards her. I mean, it's not her fault that he likes her.

I've tried being friends after being lovers, it never worked for me for the same reasons you mentioned! The last thing you want to hear from the woman you Love is all about how much fun she's had with other men!!<br />
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In my opinion the only way to stop the heartache is to say "goodbye for now, look me up if you change your mind about us" and get own with your life! She ain't waiting for you, you should do the same! Then if you do run into her again you can give her some of her on medicen in return! If you do, watch her ex<x>pression when you tell her? But that's me and you have to do what you feel is right. Good Luck!

You say she seems to "delight in telling me about how much 'fun' she has with other guys"?<br />
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Doesn't sound like something a good friend would do :(

Oh Golly! Unrequited love is so painful. I remember falling madly in love with a boy, I stalked him, gave him little presents, invited him to come out with me, but he treated me with laughter and ridicule. OK, I was only 9 years old at the time, but it did hurt! But seriously though Dimplecheeks, I don't think it is helping you by keeping her as a friend, it is hurting you too much, and she seems to delight in telling you stories of her conquests, that is cruel, it really is time to move on and find a special someone. Good luck.

I agree with FireryPhoenix. .. For how long will you bare all these? a month? a year or a life time?... Time to grow up and move on with life.. It's tough and I know it.. Never allow time to heal you, but its up to you on how much time you need to heal yourself.. Hope things will work out fine... Peace out LoveHateTragedy.:)

Yes it is tough when someone you love tells them how much fun they are having with other guys!! I know you are still friends, but is it worth all this pain? How will you feel for her 6 months from now or a year? Is is fair to yourself to keep facing this pain? Maybe you should limit the time you spend with her?

Ouch - I don't know how you handle it. All the best on someone fantastic finding you . . .