Un Equited Love

I had many 'loves of my life' and 'broken hearts' until two years ago. Now when I hear songs on the radio i know what they mean fully. From the first minute I saw him I felt like I had been struck by lightning. All of those hammy descriptions rang true e.g 'being hit by dynamite' etc. I thought I had met 'the One'. My feelings for him ran all the way down. He had a beautiful integrity of spirit that I never saw up close before in a guy. He had a beautiful purpose and strength of self. He also embodied vitality and originality. He was in the top two best looking chaps I ever saw in reality. I totally assumed if I acted attractive that he would like me aswell but to my horror he only viewed me as 'someone to do kissing with'. I couldnt bear this fact and its the only guy that ever happened me with. He had a beautiful strength of purpose and he looked like a ride but I couldnt have him. It hit me like a truck.It was unrequited love. He has since flirted with me carelessly..not knowing how I feel and I know that I never want to see him again because my feelings were based in reality and wil only arise automatically against my will coz based on the truth of his beauty. Will meet him again in heaven when pure spirits and can luk at it all objectively !
minkymoo minkymoo
31-35, F
Feb 6, 2007