Lonely Hope

I am not a very poetic one. I only know that I met someone a couple of years ago that completely took me by surprise. I had never met someone who was so much like me, it was like he was me living my life in a parallel universe (if that makes any sense at all). In fact, I don't think I ever believed that it was possible to meet someone who was on exactly the same journey I was. Fate?

The coincidences/similarities we had bordered on the Twilight Zone-and it freaked me out a little bit at first. Some people in the soulmate department probably would have called us "twin flames" if you believe in that stuff. But he was (and is) so cute, funny and affectionate that the creepies went away. In fact, I fell head over heels for him.

He is a very good friend of one of my best girlfriends. She had confessed to me once that she had had a crush on him (a year before I fell for him). I feared that her feelings had only grown stronger so when he and I "connected", I pushed him away because I didn't want to hurt her. I valued my friendship with her too much. (I love her and still do)

I used to hear from him all the time but now I don't hear from him much anymore. Some of the coincidences in our lives have changed and we have enough now that is different that it is no longer creepy. I think about him all of the time. It hurts, sure - but I am so glad we met. It is wonderful to have experienced it just once, even if it couldn't have gone anywhere.
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1 Response Feb 6, 2007

Oh come on! Fight for it! Few people meet someone in their entire lives like you described him. It's a person like that that we search for. You are one of those few that may have found someone you just click with and you won't fight to make something more of it?... would be my first reaction until I remember that I am a wuss, and wouldn't have done anything either. *sigh* I apologize for my rant, I need someone to have said that to me at one point.