His Rebound

I met him in 1990, he had such a sparkle in his eye.  Everyone told me stay away, he's married, only I found out that his wife left him for another guy.  I went to a party and found him there, he started to talk to me and things went crazy from there.  He claimed he loved me, I helped him through his sadness.  After a year of helping him, I found out I was pregnant.  I told him and he freaked out saying it wasn't his, that I got pregnant from someone else.  I find that hard since he was living with me and he was the only person in my life.  I had the child, and things got worse. His drinking was bad, as was his name calling. I made him move out.  For five years we were apart, we saw eachother occasssionally for the sake of the child.  When one day he came to me and said you know, I haven't had a drink in a year, and I stopped smoking too.  I'm going to retire and move from here, and I want you to be with me, I really do love you.  But stupid me, says ok, I'll move with you. I give up my job, my home, my family and friends to move 1800 miles away.  When I get to the new place he's a different person again.  Telling me he doesn't want me in his home, and that he will have me evicted if I don't leave.  I pack my children and buy a house, find a job, and live by myself, no friends, no family.   I find out after all this time, I was just a rebound, and he really never loved me.  He just wanted to use me.  What a crushing blow to my heart.  For I loved him, but he couldn't love me.  

I find out that after 16 years of back and forth with him, he lied to me telling me had gotten divorced, and I find out he's still married to his wife and that I was never really meant to be a part of his life. 

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No wonder his wife left him, if he's this sort of person.

I hope that when his wife left him, he was completely humiliated and felt like a loser (he is).

May the universe provide you with strength for your and your child. Stay strong. Sorry that you have had to go thru all that x

Your story really made me sad..It proves again that women are different than men.<br />
Having said that he has lost a very beautiful woman.It wont help you now :but one day he will look back and regret all his lies and treating you the way he did.<br />
If it helps you.I would walk to China and back on my knees just to get a date with you.<br />
Although your story made me sad I am glad I read it.<br />
Thank you for posting it.<br />
Kind regards.<br />
Tony<br />
ps My knees are killing me.

I truly understand your hurt and pain. Myself have met someone who totally played with me on his rebound.....such low life cheap scums ........

Thanks to you all for prayers and well wishes. I am writing to let you know that I have recovered from him. <br />
I have a wonderful loving, kind and generous man now. I do know that good things come to those that wait. <br />
I thank the Lord for lifting those blinders and letting me see the truth.

Your story is so sorrowful. It seems you been had. How could you not see through him after being with him so long. Us women are gullible, arn't we?

You will find someone better for you, who wont make you feel this way.. Be open and smile because you are not with him anymore, you had the strength and moved on with your life for you and your child.

I am surprised. How can such men stay alive and lively and living when they should have been struck by lightning or some plague by now??? It's good you are no longer by this side. Maybe this will happen yet, lest it hits you too.

So sorry to read about it. Thats the beauty of women, she can regroup herself and gather the strength to live again. May God bless you always.

im with u @unmathena..this is just cruel and unacceptable. Know one should be allowed to play with your heart / emotions like that..it not a game

sorry for your experience..... it shows how men can be so deceiving................. intentions of the heart need to bediscovered before any committment......a real low life he is..................................................................

Wow, I am really sorry that just sounds like a terrible situation. The heart is very soft and can be wounded easily. I don't know I had a bad situation with a boyfriend at one point and my friend told me maybe it was going to help me toughen up a bit.

I can feel my blood fill with gall. I pray that God gives you the strength to erase him from your heart and move on.