"I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me"

.,.i am 18 years old girl and i love a 19 years old guy.,,we have the same school.,. thats why i alwys saw him.,.i like him in almost 3 years and he know that i like him.,.,

.,.i always saw him, and when we saw each other, we always stare each other just like he also likes me,,... our friend are also tease us,.,.and sometimes something happen to us, just like we always bump each other co-incedence thats why i think that it was a destiny,.,

,.,another thing that really believe me that he like me,,,, when he dance me,.,. it was my friends party,.,it was christmas.,. and we are both invited.,., he ask me to dance with him,.,., it was my first dance,., thats why it was my memorable moment.,.,

,.,.and in the month of febraury, (the valentines day is near),,, i thought he will invite me go with him,.,., but my friend told me that the person that i like have already his own date,.,. in first i didnt belive,.,. but one day i go to my another friends house,nearer at the house of the person i like,.,.that's why i also saw the person i like,.,., it was already night when me, my two friends, and the person i like are talking.,., then the topic comes about the valentine plans.,., then i became so quiet,., then my friend talk about the person that i like and his date,.,. and while they are talking about that i feel hurt.,., and im still quiet.,.and they also said that the person i like will kiss his date,.,.,

,.,. while walking going back home with my friend and the person that i like.,., im still quiet and didn't mind them,., still getting hurt for what i heard.,.,.i call one of my friend.,., then i told her that i want to cry.,.,

.,.,.that was my sadness moment.,., my friend told me the reason why the person i like didn't choose me to be her girl friend is that i am younger than him.,. i am 18 and he was 19.,., huh? is that a good reason???,.,

.,., until now im getting hurt when i saw him with her girlfriend.,.,i started to forget about him.,., but it was too hard because i always saw him at our campus with her girlfriend.,., and still our classmates tease us.,.,it was so pain because in 3 years i like him but he didn't love me,.,.=(

anonimous anonimous
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2007