Unfortunate First Love

it was my first love. i loved her dearly and will do so continuously. it was a love where timing was all wrong. it's been 7 years and counting. i've accepted that it just won't work out at this time. maybe when we're older and have some more bad relationships under our belts. i've never stopped loving her. i don't think you ever get over first loves. i just don't think it happens.
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7 Responses Sep 8, 2006

I am still in love with a man I can't have. It has been over 20 years. We are still friends but it can hurt now and then.

I don't know the real answer to that. I know that I thought I had a first love, but twenty years later fallen for someone entirely different, who, in every sense of the word, is not right for me. It's been over five years, and I can't let go. It almost feels more like a spell that I am under, or is it love that makes you feel that way??

I think you do evuntually get over your first love, it's just a long hard process. I do think you never forget your first love though.

I do still love someone and they don't love me back.. They want us to be friend, but the friendship was one side. It is new very new I am not over it yet.

i dont think there is anythink like cant get over first love.<br />
actually it goes like this, its we who dont want to let it go coz we get attached to those feeling and ones we let go of those feeling we therefore feel empty. and we are afraid of emptyness.

I loved someone that didn't love me either...worst feeling in the world is a love that is not returned

As we get older we might not for get our first love but it does get better.And you'll always remember but the hurt will subside.