He Really Doesn't Care At All

I wish I never fell for him. He cut me off and doesn't want anything to do with me probably moved onto the next one he broke my heart. I text him today told him a little lie to see if he would answer me I said i was leaving town and said if he wanted to see me before i left so we could leave things on a good term but no answer i thought he might have a little bit of care in him for me how could i fall for someone like that but now I know he doesn't care, he just doesn't care about me at all.

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I don't understand how I can love someone that really wasn't that in to me.<br />
I like my life and I travel a lot and enjoy myself and I am financially sound and have no worries but I want someone to love me so that I can share my joys and my sorrows.<br />
I feel that trying to get a man online is like flogging a dead horse!!!!!<br />
You are spoiled for choice online and people are not really honest with their feelings either.<br />
The men go through the motions of caring to get you into bed but all the time they are thinking, oh well she will do for the time being until something better comes along.<br />
Also those three little words you want to hear is "I love you" isn't happening. Those three little words are "Lets get naked" because I have said it myself as well!!!!!<br />
You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. I have come to the conclusion that men believe in the double standard still to protect their fragile egos because they are emotionally insecure all the time.<br />
They worry about their performance (to themselves of course) and also their size, so that if we have a lot of sexual experience beforehand, we know a good lay from a lousy one and what we want and expect. So therefore, that upsets them.<br />
I have always told a man when he told me he was the best in bed and lets get it on, is that you are good as the person you are with. They are so dumb anyway, as we hold the cards to sex and we know in the first five minutes if we will go to bed with them or not in the first place.<br />
Which brings me back to my question, why do I love a man who doesn't care about me.<br />
He assumed my kindness and generosity was because he thought I thought he was my Gigolo and he couldn't have been further from the truth. You pay a man for your services that way and I never did, or never will for that matter.<br />
Falling in love is so complicated and all of a sudden it hits you for no reason and then when you tell a man, he runs for the hills it seems. But I think the real reason I am hurt so much is because I didn't do the dumping and I hate to lose. I want to do the dumping instead!!!!!!<br />
But I keep thinking of him and getting upset. But I didn't see him that much and even went with someone else during that period and was quite happy with the situation until he stopped coming around.<br />
He really is a good person that I had admired all along, so therefore he was easy to love I thought. I can only love someone who is good to his fellow man as well as me and is hardworking and has a sense of well being about himself as well.<br />
What is a girl supposed to do, I ask you?

Omg it's like we hav the same story. I went to college with this guy, I was shy but had a lot of the same friends with him so when we had a class together we started talking a little (as friends). He was super old school and sweet and I liked him very much, but we were both seeing other people and so I never said anything. The guy I had been seeing ended up being a real piece of work, so full of himself. And my friend and I started talking. It wa like, perfect, but in a goo way perfect not "this can only get worse." We started talking seriously, he never asked me for anything inappropriate, and was such a sweetheart. We sort of started dating unofficially that summer an things were going fantastic. I found out in August as I was taking things to keep in his room early so they'd be on campus when I moved in that I wasn't going to be able to go to school there that year and we were both really upset. I cried and he rubbed my back and kissed my tears away and told me it would be okay, that nothing was changing between us and I'd be back the next year.

A week after that he suddenly disappeared for a whole week with no contact. I was freaking out and of course during that time my ex contacted me and me being vulnerable we decided to try again. When the other guy texted me randomly again a week later he told me he was so so sorry, that he missed me and had been upset and didn't want to take it out on me. I felt torn, and guilty. But of course I decided to tell him that I had started seeing the other guy again and it really hurt him. Needless to say the other guy and I only made it about 2 weeks and he ended it, but this time I was glad because I missed the one I'd hurt. We started talking again and things were going well, I went and spent a weekend at my old campus and we spent the whole weekend together and everything was going great until we slept together. He asked if I was sure and was so gentle and sweet with me, and even though I knew it wasn't the right time, I didn't regret it. Things went well for another day after that, but the night before I left he started acting strange, he left to hang with his buddies for a bit, and so I went with mine and then I couldn't get ahold of him again even though he'd promised to come say goodbye to me. So I went to dinner and stayed the night with a friend, and the next morning I still couldn't get ahold of him.

I came home (a longggg drive) and after a couple of days he txtd me, and I thought we were okay. That lasted for about a month and thn he disappeared on me again, I started getting upset and freaking out. I was worried and sad and mad because he was ignoring me, I sent him a bunch of txts and calls, and finally have up. When he txtd me again he was mad at me and said he had just needed some space and I needed to chill. Well I knew that but I told him he should've just told me instead of disappearing one me. We were still together but things were very estranged and so I thought another visit would help. I went back down to campus, spent a shorter weekend with him, everything was going great and then he got distant again. After that weekend the next 3 months were me trying to get things back to normal and talk to him and they weren't so I got even more overwhelmed and upset. Our relationship ended with me begging him to talk things through with me and him never speaking to me again.

Here's the deal, I KNOW I got clingy, I know I made things a big deal. But that started being the only way I could get him to respond to me. We were moving to a very serious point, and he's the one that started that, and then he just bailed on me and it threw me for a loop! Once I'd had some space, I tried to apologize for that and explain to him what had cause me to feel that way, and he just didn't care. But here's what really gets me. Even after all that, the last time we said goodbye (which I didn't know at the time was going to be the last time) he hugged me so tight and didn't let go forever and then brushed my cheek with his fingers. WTH?? Talk about mixed signals.

So it's been over a year since all this, I'm actually in a good relationship with a very good man. And yet this no closure thing haunts me almost daily. I still care about him, but it's not the same, so why can't I let it go??

exactly what my friend is going through. it sucks.<br />
<br />
moving on might be hard. i myself took 4 months to move on after breaking up with my 8-month long relationship with my ex.<br />
<br />
friends,are what you need. friends that advise you. friends that make you smile. hang out with your clique. maybe,go to one whom you feel comfortable with. tell her all about it.<br />
<br />
do things.fly kites. rollerblade. go for a jog. cycle. <br />
<br />
things what will help you move on and forget.<br />
<br />
there truly is,plenty of fishes in the world. your special one will come. dont give up!

sorry for your hurting and listen to the suggested above statements

Just leave him and believe that you are the most important rose fore someone else you have not meet yet. when your true love comes he`ll not humble you. Take care and be just who you are!

I think it's hard as a woman to deal with this kind of uncaring attitude. Men have a better ability to compartmentalize their feelings than we do. I would wait for him to do it to the friend. I would be there for her too. If he fooled you; don't think for one minute he isn't doing it to her too.<br />
My husband did this to the girl he had an affair with. I now realize how little I knew him. I didn't think he was capable of doing this to someone. Guess what; I was wrong. He may have been my husband but it is horribly wrong to hurt people like this. Men are really pigs when the payoff is sex and attention.

something like this sorta happened except he left me for my "best" friend and then they went out, and it hurt but i had to realize that if after words he felt nothing not even and ounce of care i shouldn't even bother thinking much of it, he put up an act to play with my emotions and i hope i can help you but its not guaranteed so id let him know that he doesn't phase me maybe have more "me time" hang out with some friends work on some kind of hobby get rid of junk that's unneeded get a pet diary something that will enhance you as a person