Until I Saw Him Look At Someone Else In a Way He Never Looked At Me...

I loved my ex boyfriend so much it's almost embarrassing. When we were together for the first few months it was bliss, i was seriously on cloud nine, when we were together it felt like no one else existed. I was in awe of him and thought we'd be together forever. So when he became distant, stopped answerring my calls i knew my bubble had burst. But i persisted! I called and left messages asking him to get in touch. He never did. I went to see a psychic to get 'some answers' and was told he wanted me back but just needed some time.

So... I gave him time then met him with some mutual friends months later, knowing THIS was the night. It wasn't until i saw him look at a girl we knew, in a way he'd never looked at me, that i knew i was hoping for something that was never going to happen. My heart sunk in that horrible way i'm sure you all know but it was a much needed revelation. I respected him for not leading me on (he could've used me for a lot of sex) and felt ashamed for being so open about my love for him. It was tragic.

Leason learned? To be less open and emotionally available, always keep something to yourself, curb your romantic ways, know you WILL meet someone else who you like just as much (also messy but at least it got me over this one) and to always put yourself before your feelings for someone else.

Its not a broken heart - its experience.


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It's tough, I KNOW what I have to do, and should do to maybe save myself from heartache and keep to myself but it never works..

i'm sorry. i let ppl in very easily and have learned some form of this lesson also.