It Was Worthless to Love Him So Much!

I put my heart and soul into loving this guy. I gave him my all. I gave him anything and everything he wanted. I did laundry, cooked, cleaned, gave him every bit of money, took him out and bought his clothes, his jewelry, his cars. It still wasnt good enough. I treated him like a king. Full body massage when he wanted it. Sex everynight. That was amazing tho. He was good at what he did but was only worried about getting his. I found out I was pregnant, but when I told him he just left me like I didnt matter. I had a little girl by him and still I love him and would go back if I had the chance but he never loved me. He loved what I was doing for him. I still ask what I didnt do right, but still no answers to what went wrong.I feel like he dont even love his daughter. She will be just fine tho. My good friend JON loves her like his own. He will help me take care of her. He is wonderful. He makes an excellant daddy, but of course when youre in love with one person and you have feelings for the other person but neither one of them love you or have feelings for you like you do them, then u just kinda give up on love all together!
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3 Responses Oct 18, 2007

help me understnd,why wud yu want to know what yu didnt do? instead of saying"i did my best<br />

I'm only calling it as I see it because I've seen things like this before. You really deserve better, and fortunately, the better is right there.

I really don't want to sound terrible, but he wrung you out like a sponge. He's not worth any more of your time, and especially none of your daughter's. Better to go with the one who really cares about you both.