My Princess

when i meet this girl, she and one of my friends where together. he never treated her right and she always complained about his attitude and we started getting close, until one day i shared with her ma feelings towards her, one thing led to another and we ended up together. she broke up with my friend and we got together. we were happy everything felt right, it was like if we were made for eachother, we were both happy and i felt like she was part of me. we had one fight in 8 months and it wasnt big. we trusted eachother and we never had problems with anything, after a while i realized things were getting wierd, she didnt treat me like before, i started getting worried because i had felt that feeling before, i had been dumped more than once before and that same feeling was coming back so i knew something was up. one day we had a fight for something that didnt matter but she made it big, i worked and she used the excuse "ur never there for me" she said i spend more time with everything else, but her. she said she loved me and she needed a brake, so i gave her some space and for a month we keep being the same as we used to be, but without kissing, we did evything as a couple but we tried to keep our lips away from eachother(it dint work sometimes)it went on for a month until i got tired of us bein appart and i asked her if we would ever get back, her answer was a "no" then i asked her if she was dating someone douring our "brake" time, her answer was yes.... ive been destroyed by that, i still love her and my life withou her seems like a waste, i still love her, but she sais were over for good, after sge said she would die for me, now i have become her"best friend" she sais, and apparently she wants me in her life, but not the way i want her.... my feelings are eating me inside, i get too attached to theones i love, i need some advice...
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i guess your right, but the ting is after every hear break, my love getscolder and im afraid to give more, i start loving less,...<br />
thanks for your words i know i must get over her, and ill work on that, thanks alot!

I am sorry to hear your Dilemma. Love truly hurts but we can control who we fall in love with it. You seem like a lovely person and these scenario play out every day and I am sure you may experiance one again but remember that each Heart Break will bring you closer to the your one true love. As painful as it seems, she does not respect you and once you get some time to ease your pain, you may see that she was not the one. Don't sit around for her, move on, you have a lot to offer, even if she can not see it! Take Care!