I Love Him He Loves Her...

Long story short, I love my best friend and he loves every other girl in the world but me..oh but he has told me he loves me too I just don't believe him.


Anyways I have a question for everyone out there who loves someone who didn't love you back.


Do you chose to let go of that person and try to move on?

Or do you chose to be that person's friend through thick and thin and watch them love other people (good or bad for them) and hurt on the inside?


What would you chose?

I could still be his friend but I don't want to hurt everyday watching him be in love with a girl who says she loves him back.  I think his heart will be broken again. 

I can't handle it... could you handle it?

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I go thru this now. I am in love with my ex still. He is with another woman. We are still friends but only when she decides to leave him can he talk to me other then about our children. Every time they split up I am there as a fall back and always take him back. Well this time I have gave him advice on how to get her back. It hurts but know in he is happy is all that matters to me.

I chose both. I realized that he will NEVER EVER like me and I've liked him for about 4 years now. At one point he told me he liked me but I found out he was playing me so i just broke. Then he told me my best friend he liked her and from that day on I decided to get over him, but to support him as his friend with whomever he likes. I can't control who he likes and I need to try to understand that. He's a really good friend of mine who always helps me when I feel discouraged and down. That's why I decided no matter how long it takes or how much it hurts, I'll find someone else and move on and support him with whatever he decides. This is the process of life. Love isn't a happily ever after feeling. It'll obviously hurt and we can't help that because that's how we will learn to move on.

Try to make other boy friends, my only advice. He will be jealous then the way you felt for months, years (not sure how long). Having other relationship helps to bring the one you like back. But then again you may find your new bf much more likable and forget about the old one. Does this make sense?

Thank you all for your input/advice. I told him good bye for good. He said I didn't need to explain so I took that as he didn't really care. it was a wonderful friendship when it lasted, I hope he stays in the other city he moved to so I don't have to see him in this small town.

I think you should take care of yourself first. <br />
People take care of themselves in many ways. They watch their weight, go to the doctor if they feel sick, avoid walking alone in dark alleys, etc. <br />
The same way, we should all watch our mental and emotional health too. <br />
I personally would not put myself in a situation where the likelihood of getting hurt is very high, no matter if the hurt is physical or emotional. <br />
If I was you, and I had strong feelings for this guy... I would avoid staying there, at least for now. <br />
I know I couldn't handle it so, I wouldn't stay .... you said yourself that you couldn't handle it.<br />
I have been in both sides, I've been the girl who doesn't love back her guy-friend, and I have been the fool in love who was never loved back. <br />
I know it's unbelievably hard to let go of someone you love when they haven't purposely hurt you, but ultimately... you might end up hurting a lot more if you stay. <br />
The best of luck for you.

Kinda like "I found her diary underneath the tree. . and started reading about me"<br />
<br />
. . .Wouldnt you know it? She didnt show it...<br />
<br />
I think we all , at one time or another in our lives have experienced this sad reality.<br />
In my experience, reality is great because it can show us that we are worth OH SO MUCH more and deserve the ultimate, and it sometimes will help us to go after it. <br />
If you are at a deadend in your love, relationship or life...you just need to close that door and open a window .

Think I made a comment on a similar instance a while ago, but just let go, your wasting your time loving someone that will never entirely love you back, It will hurt at first but you'll get over it and grow from it. Although when it comes right down to it do what you feel is right.