Did I?

You were a familiar face.  Someone from my childhood.  The kind of childhood friend you have when your parents are friends with his parents and you see each other because your family and his family do things together and you see each other at church every Sunday.

But then we were older.  In our 20's by then, and our paths crossed.  Was it a coincidence? Fate? I was ready for you then - or was I? - and you knew it, and we came together one afternoon and took everything we could from each other, until time ran out.  Until I only wanted more.  More than you could give.  I was selfish.  You left me.  No, you set me free.  You were strong enough to continue walking the road you were on.  I was too.  You were a lovely interruption.  A five-star vacation for my heart.

Love.  What is love anyway?  Is it a verb?  To love.  I did love you, and I loved you in your absence, and I loved the memory of you.  I came to love that you left me that day.  From that grew the greatest love.  Unselfish love.  Love in freedom.  

 And now, our paths have crossed again.  Twenty years later.  You haven't changed, but evolved and grown.  Maybe you don't love me now either, but it doesn't matter.  I like the way I feel for you.  I see us now, our random meetings few, as two people who really are sharing their lifetimes together, even as we are apart.  We will take all we can from each other, this time too.

thinkingoutloud thinkingoutloud
51-55, F
Jan 7, 2010