Getting Over Someone Is Not Easy (part 2)

Hey guys thanks for all the comments on my "GETTING OVER SOMEONE IS NOT EASY" story...

It is now my second time of going through this and I'm telling you it doesn't get any easier cause here I am again, crying... But this time I have my own words and experience to be motivated with... He may not love me and there maybe more to come who won't love me also... But... all we got is now.... So don't waste the now on the then when this isn't the end.... I'm trying to encourage through tears... Cause it hurts a lot... I know what it's like to love and lost..

It feels like this one was it... Like nothing or nobody will ever replace this one... Truth is, no one will... Lightning does not strike the same place twice, in most cases. There will be no one like this one... But there is someone better...

God it hurts... He won't he say he doesn't love me... But he won't say he loves me either... I told myself I can let him go... But God it's only the 3rd day and my heart is aching so so so so much... TIME... It's not easy... But I know through all this pain I will eventually get over him... I will be able to sleep and not ache or cry and I will find love... Maybe not today or tomorrow, but some day... I am still thinking of the memories and plans and now broken promises... And God it hurts... Feel the pain... Just feel and don't ignore it... Cry it all out... Cause for now... You have to feel the pain so you can at least realise that you're still alive... You're still breathing and you're still surviving without them... It's hard, yes... It hurts, yes! But this won't last...

You will get over them... You will find love again... You will be loved... And maybe the next or the next will be the one... You have to get through all the bad ones to finally get or see or taste or feel exactly what the good one feels like... I can and I will find love... And my broken heart won't ache anymore...

Don't fool yourselves like I have with the whole, you'll never be able to find someone you can love just as much as this one.. Don't fool yourself to believe that this one was the one!!! Don't tell yourself that you'll never be happy without them!!! Because if they were the one, they would still be here! Don't settle for less! And if they don't have the balls to stay then they are less than what you deserve... That's the harsh reality of life... There's someone out there who needs and deserves the loving you have to give so don't waste it on those who don't want it...

It's not easy... But it's doable... I will let go of him... I will be happy... and I will get over him... till his name doesn't make me flinch, tlil the memories begin to fade... I will find the one thats meant for me and my life would be even better then the life I had planned the last time... Learn and move on...

YOU DESERVE LOVE, and nothing less then that, I will find love!


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I tell myself the same kind of stuff... and I would maybe have an easier time letting him go if he would stop telling me he loves me, looking at me deeply the way he does and staring at me all the time. I'm going to be moving from Cali to Vegas so maybe that will be far enough away from him.<br />
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The things you say are true, I should embrace them and live by them but I can't. I can't seem to practice what I preach because I just keep thinking about how sad I was, how much it hurt.<br />
I hope you have a more successful time of getting over him and recovering than I will.<br />
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Good luck to you and I feel for your sad, hurting heart

Thank you, It's been 14 years since I first fell in love with her. I think I can finally start letting it go now.

Thank you, It's been 14 years since I first fell in love with her. I think I can finally start letting it go now.

seriously i have been struggling with my breakup for 3 months..reading this made me feel definitely..better..It was great..I have been blaming myself all this time..well...I guess I deserve better :) I will find my real romeo sumday...thx for the story:D

Wow, when I read this I feel like "This is what I need." This is such a great motivating story. I really enjoy reading this story. Thanks for sharing LAdySoulist.

me too...

You're so right. thanks for those words, I needed it.