Unrequited Love

I will always love him, he was the first guy who ever treated me well and for that i am thankful for, he taught me more in a couple of months then i had learned in my entire life. When i confessed my feelings for him, he was sweet and although i pictured a fairytale ending, he told me he loved my best friend. It hurt and to this day it hurts seeing them together and knowing they are perfect for each other. I guess in most ways i have moved on, but in others i still have to keep pushing, It's time to realize that. Be thankful for what you have learned from these people we have loved, take this lesson with you throughout life, but do not let this unrequited love limit you.

BrieXO BrieXO
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Ohhh, tough break. That is so hard. I am impressed at how well you are dealing with this. Hard. <br />
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Good luck, things are not always as we expect them to be or want. Most often this will work out though. Time.

You must be very strong to be able to tell him You are lucky to know how he feels and not always wondering if that sarcastic comment or look means something. It is better to know. I still love someone that will never confess their feelings. It is an avoided question. We are both married now and I still wonder. Keep up your strength. You will be great to some one that deserves your love.