It's A Game

He didn't care about me... it was just a dare, a game .... but i didn't know... i thought finally someone was in to me.. but it was a lie and i had to find out the hard way... when his girlfriend came up to me and  what was i doing talking to her man... she said no one would ever want me... to be with me... she and him laughed at me and walked away...

alex35 alex35
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

OH GOOD LORD. People don't know how much they can hurt another person by doing crap like that!! You HAVE to learn from this... you HAVE to realize they are idiots and immature morons who don't have any regard for anyone but themselves. You are stronger than this... you can do one of two things: decide to let their actions and behaviour towards you influence your future love choices or you can get up and be strong and not let them doubt your own self-worth!!!