It has been the first Valentine's day in four years where I have not thought about you. In fact, I saw you at work today and it did not even phase me. I got home from work and did not feel depressed. I took out my computer and started looking at the courses I wanted to take in the summer. I have accomplished a great deal in your absence. I have learned a variety of dances, completed half of my master's degree and found an inner strength that I did not know I possessed. At the end of it all, I suppose that I should thank you. The terrible way you treated me showed me that I am the only one in charge of my destiny. I finally realized that I need to let you go. Instead of getting upset when you call, I have decided to stop picking up the receiver. When you show up at work and want to talk, I quickly walk out of the room. I am glad that you have finally stopped staring at me all of the time. It is time for both of us to move on. You have a girlfriend and our time has passed. I do not trust you anymore. I can't be your friend. I need to look out for my best interest these days. I may be a bit bitter and jaded these days, but I do wish you well. I know that you are selfish, but I also know that you love your friend. I love my friend too. I just can't do it anymore. I'm sorry.

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Bravo! Very bold and brave of you to do something like that, as I'm sure it was hard separating yourself from him. I think that you are better off without him and now that he cannot hurt you any more you have much more oppurtunities in your life that you didn't have bfefore b/c you were distracted.