Me & Him

I fell hard for someone and the funny thing is I thought he loved me. That was until something bad went down in my family, and he was not there for me. He had other important things to do. It crushed me. You may not know this, but its hard for me to love. After the extreme difficulties of my life i never thought I deserved someone to love me. So it hurt like hell when I found out the love I felt for him wasn't returned. I still love him but im trying to move on ( i wonder how that is going to go).

maytaytay maytaytay
18-21, F
5 Responses Feb 17, 2010

That is true

Exactly....the right kind of love though because some love can be toxic

Awe thanks....and im sorry that happend to you but I bet that you rare stronger because it did! Im proud that you stoped talking to him because now you will finally find the person you deserve......*Love you 2*

Exactly we deserve to be loved, and we should try to be the best woman that we can be! :)

*hugs*<br />
yes, its even harder when you think he likes you back. i totally feel what you're talking about. i'm going through a similar phase.<br />
lets tell ourselves we deserve better :) keep loving and hope to be loved back.