I Like Him :(


there's this guy i've known for 2 years. he's in my class. in the beginning of the first year, he asked one of his close friends out and she turned him down. he took that very hard. i didn't like him yet then. over the two years we became ok friends. he always asked me who i loved and i would avoid answering.

recently i decided to tell him. we spoke, laughed it off. we became better friends than we used to be. today we were just talking and he says he knew i liked him all along, and that he'd 'seen signs of my love-struck nature' all along. that really hurt me because i thought i did a pretty good job of hiding my feelings and yes, moving on when my telling him didn't lead to any worthwhile conclusion. and today he tells me that the previous 'relationship' really really hurt him and that he never wants to be in another one. 

this really hurt me. i don't know what to do.

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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

@dreamvoyeur: thanks :) yes, i'm going to give him his time to get over it.. and try and be there as a friend when needed<br />
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@pixiegirlie: that's really what i wanted to hear, thanks :) exactly what i was thinking! i'm going to enjoy the friendship<br />
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@maytaytay: thanks :) ... i tried :( now it's in his hands..

O wow, maybe you should just tell him that you wanna be with him m ore than friends. And if he is scared to mess up the friendship, well the friendship is already messed up because your feelings won't just go away.....c if that works

yup I think all you can do now is just take a deep breath and be there as a good friend. In the long run the friendship is definitely more important. Dont let your feelings for him get in the way of being a good friend. So just be supportive. I know it's hard.. I've been there myself a couple of times in high school. Who knows? Maybe one day you two might get together, but then it has to happen spontaneously you know?