False Hope

I've been in a relationship with the girl of my dreams for the better part of 2 years. She doesn't think I'm the guy of her dreams. I'm the one that does all the calling, all the texting, all the dating ideas, and all the begging to go see her. Right now we're not actually dating but we're together. She said she likes her best friend's ex boyfriend and that they've been doing things together, and that was why she had ignored me for the last 2 months. Then she came crawling back to me when she found out he didn't like her, and like a fool, I accepted her back in to my life. Now she hangs out with him more than she does with me, and hangs out with people she's known for a few months. When I say I'm jealous she says "You're stupid, they're my best friends." All that I say is "Oh wow, I thought I was your best friend. We've only known eachother intimately, and personally for 4 years."  She looked at me and said "You're all my best friends" I don't know why I try with her. But it just seems so natural to be with her, even if she doesn't care about me. I pick my friends wisely, and I can honestly say I only have 3 friends. I only have one best friend, which is her, but I can't fathom the idea that she cares more about someone she met a few months ago, than she cares about me whom she's known very very well for the last 4 years.

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so sorry

I'm sorry to hear that she doesn't feel the same way. I believe there is always the right person for everybody out there. Obviously the girl is not her. But how are you supposed find the right girl for you if you keep running after the wrong one?? I used to be the same way I had a huge crush on a guy that treated me like s**t. But I still wanted to be with him. Until I met a guy that treated me like a Queen then I realized....why did I waste all that time on him if I could have had something so much better?? Mhh oh well better late then never right.<br />
good luck to you hugs hugs hugs :)