The Slag That Was My Bestfriend :(

about two years ago i had my first kiss, it was great. we then shared plenty of kisses together, but i didn't know he was using me and i loved him. so i carried on. he asked me to toss him off so i did. one day i was sleeping in my mates house an he was there i found him on the way down there and asked him to come along thinking i would get a chance with him, so we were invited in an we sat down, and my mate brought us some vodka and wkd so i had the wkd and those to had the vodka because i was tired and didn't want to waste it. so as i was drifting off on the bed those two were sitting on the floor, and the he came up and sat on the end of the bed while she went to the toilet, then he bent over and started kissing my fore head making his way to my lips when i stupidly turned over and fell back asleep. he sat on the floor again and she came back in, when all of a sudden. BAM she took  his hand and put it down her pants, as she grunted and moaned i cried, she said to him is she awake. he looked up at me i waved at him and he said yea she is :( so i cried more as she dragged his drunk *** off the floor and into the bathroom i sat up and she came back in and was looking round the room i said what are you looking for she said a jonny. so i said your not doing it are you and she said yes we are ;) :( so i cried again, she knew i liked him, she knew i loved him, yet she still did it, she took advantage of him to because he was drunk. i went to sleep knowing that i could never be the first with him, yet she still did it. the next morning i walked home alone, stupidly i sent him a text that morning sayin how much i loved him and that he made a mistake, when she read it and wanted me to **** off and never touch or look at him ever again even thou she wasnt with him. the next day we were al out and someone invited her out, and she stood up pulled him to one side and sed i'm gonna do it. while i had my back turned as i was talkin to my friends she jumped me all because of that one night that i should have stopped. i should have kissed him then none of this would have happened thats my only regret in life.

xxx thanxx for readin it xxx 

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That's a horrible person...I hope she gets what she deserves!

oh my god! im so sorry!! that is the worst thing ever! :( reading it it, it hurt i cant believe a friend would do that, sept i had that happen where my friend new i liked a guy but he doesnt like to be forward bout things and one time at a party he is a real light weight and they ended up sleeping together and she tried to hide it from me i felt like ****, i said to myself screw them both, i was only upset for a little bit before i got SOOO mad never talked to them again, and i blew up at her. its not the same, but i kinda understood what you were going through :(

this was the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life