I Think I Am Not In Love Anymore :):(

That's a strange thing -- i think i fall out of love. I think i am almost free. It's really fading away. I never thoght it could be possible. It was hurting me for such a long time and now I am getting indifferent. It is so good.

And althought i just have read an email from him today , it didn't make me feel much- maybe a little melancholic, maybe a little good that he didn't completely ignore me, but not much more. Not short ago i was almost extatic reading something from him, now, i don't even know if i am going to write back. He is almost like an aquintance for me now, not even a friend. I still like him though, he was always nice to me and we always had fun together and things to talk about. But i am just not that into him anymore, i think...

BlueAspiryna BlueAspiryna
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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I thought I was over someone for about 3 months, then we both met up at a party and my walls came down again, and here I am again in love with this person who doesn't have any of those same feelings for me. It's been going on almost 2 years now and it's torture. So, congrats on what seems to be your first steps to freedom, my advice is stay away from him and you won't be hurt.

I agree with my pal Travelman. I felt the same way that you did, like my feelings for him were fading. I kept in contact and just before x-mas went out with him and a group of friends. It was a really bad idea. I think that I am still recovering. It is best to keep your distance in order to protect yourself. It also seems like you still have some feelings for him...