She Was Everything....but She Was Straight

i remember the first time her dark brown eyes caught mine. english class, freshman year. her bright smile, bold personality, and perfect clothes caught me instantly. her dark curls cascaded gently to her shoulders, hitting the clothes that accentuated her pixie like frame. but even as tiny as she was, she was one of the strongest of us all. i watched her over the next year and a half, observing her beauty, until one day in gym class it hit me. she threw back her head laughing, exposing her perfect teeth and flinging her dark curls through the air, until she saw me. she gave me a look and turned back to her friends, i didn't need to hear their words to know what they were saying. i was nobody to her.


i was just that weirdo lesbian girl.

crazychick10793 crazychick10793
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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

Gawd, don't I know that feeling.<br />
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Like you, I absolutely adore this woman, who I barely know, who is also straight.<br />
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I can spend hours just thinking about her. Then suddenly it would hit me that she doesn't even notice I'm existing. Then, why would she? I'm just some love-sick girl with a hopless wish.<br />
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