David Harris

I've liked this guy ever since, well about the fifth grade. his name is david harris. i hadn't talked to him untill my eighth grade year at brookpark middle school, this year. it started out with me becoming friends with this new gril lily. she was in love with david but he didn't like her back. instead lily went for david's friend josh and they dated for five months? sad thing was david got back together with bailey ( his ex girlfriend ) and lily and josh broke up. i felt all alone. but i started to realize david had been talking to me more, and more each day. he would borrow my pencils and sit next to me in class. it all became to sweet to fast. then lily and david started to fight. i loved lily like a sister but i adored david. you know those feelings when someones talking about you and you walked in on the conversation about you, well that's how it felt everyday with those two. they fought and fought. one day lily didn't show up to lunch, nore the next day or the next. lily had changed lunch periods and her classes around so she wouldn't have to see david or josh. sady that ended my relationship with lily, but i became better friends with david. Lately i had acheived getting the lead in our school musical and all of my friends wanted to see it. i bought tickets for everyine even david for opening night. but when i looked out in the addience i saw everyone but david:( the next day we talked and he gave me a flower and said " i'm sorry i wasn't there last night, but Bailey called and said she needed me. i didn't know what else to do. it was stupid and i should have come seen you but i didn't and i'm sorry" at that moment my heart dropped from him telling me about bailey again. it's been about a week and he has apoligized everyday since, but i don't know if i should forgive him and risk breaking my heart again.

febuary 21 2010

cocella cocella
13-15, F
Feb 21, 2010