A Love Waiting To Be



And we met.

And she said to me her honesty

Of feelings at first glance.

And I could not agree

More, you see

For I too felt the chance.


And we talked.

And I saw in her, nothing more

Than youth and such love.

For someone so scarred to come so far,

It almost broke my heart.


And we hugged.

And the moment I set foot,

Out of the front door,

I never was the same.

You see,

I left my heart at her bedroom door,

For a love waiting to be.


And we talked.

And each minute that passed,

Could not possibly last

Long enough to truly say

What each thought and each felt,

And every single thing

Each had hoped to gain.


And we met.

And I wished so hard

That her love was not too far

For my arm to reach

And grab hold.

Hold on so tight,

Through day, through night

Hold onto that heart of gold.


And we hugged.

And the moment I set foor,

Out of the front door,

I never was the same

You see,

She left her love, not with me

For a love not waiting to be.


And we talked.

And with hope in my mind

I could only try

To make her see the truth.

There was more to her

Than she offered herself,

More to gain than lose.


And we did not meet.

And with a clouded heart

She settled for something less

And I stood there waiting

With an empty chest,

Still hoping for the best.


And as we drifted apart

And she moved on,

My heart returned to me.

With a bruise and a patch

And proceeded to speak:

"Do not be afraid,

You'll see one day,

Someone is waiting for you.

And one day you will talk,

And one day you will meet,

And one day they will give

Their heart to you.

An exchange will occur

And a love will be born.

One day, you will see.

You will continue on

No longer a love waiting to be."

X6rose6red6X X6rose6red6X
18-21, F
Feb 22, 2010