I Loved Some One Who Said That They Didn't Love Me...

I had shared this story a LONG time ago. And now...well.


Things have changed. We had a physical relationship/friendship for a long time after he and his ex parted ways. About the time I totally gave up on having more with him he went around at Halloween telling everyone that we were a couple now. Surprise!

Then shortly there after I was forced to move, and unexpectedly. I asked to stay with him for a month or two until I had the money to get my own place. He let me.

After living with him for 3 weeks he asked me to stay until the end of the year.

At new years he asked me to live with him for the the year.

He tells me he loves me ALL the time...getting annoying...almost. ;-)

He take WONDERFUL care of me and is always kind and polite.

He asked me to be a mother figure for his children.

He says im his best girlfriend/thing that has happened in at least 7 years/ect.

We are happy. I've never been so happy in my life.

This is a bit counter to this group, but this is where I posted my first story about it so...


Kaioti Kaioti
Feb 22, 2010