Things R Different , Than What I Believed..

i grew up having great examples, my parents, in terms of love and respect,, marriage... what i admired most though was the dedication they had to each other.. so certain values were instilled in me. to love one partner and be faithful and supportive hell or high water... yes some of u may laugh, but not so long ago this was the way.. but now i observe things being so different. once it was a shame not to be a virgin on ur wedding night.. now how many cant even count or remember all the partners they have had.. so many kids so many different fathers. kids making kids.. unfaithfulness galore... everything is so crazy.. but not too most cause this is how it is and so accepted, not weird or wrong.. i am not tryin to sound like a preacher.. but i sil admire my memories of having someone to depend on and love and trust without fear. and to now that that person will be there no matter what.. love ... use to be so special... now its games..

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I know the feeling and IT HURTS as even though I am a male I had wanted to be a virgin as was my fiancee. But she got married to another in obeyance to her parents wishes. I almost committed suicide and the I had s_ _ and lost my virginity to a lady I evetually got married to. I lost all my ethics and the BITTER EXPERIENCE has made me a person who can only give his partner 85%!!<br />
<br />
I yaern for the other person but often come to REALITY and acknowledge that I was just USEFUL to her and have been over the years! THAT'S DUMB but when YOU REALLY LOVE SOMEONE YOU TEND TO IGNORE YOUR JACKASS state of mind and heart. A part II will follow VERY SOON if you are interested okay?>

As much as we want to live a life that ends like the fairy tale..Happily Ever After.. the mere fact is ..the society these days don't practise honesty, trust, respect and love in the relationship package anymore. It is saddening but it is the fact that we need to face..

You have to keep your chin up. You are lucky. You had a wonderful example of what a good marriage looks like. Work on you, and when you are ready, the right person will come along.