From The Moment I Saw Him

From the moment i saw him i knew that i wanted to be his friend. It was freshman year of high school and i was sitting in class looking at the school newspaper and there he was. Under the tittle of freshman talk was his picture. He was standing agianst the wall in his jean jacket with a smile on his face and a witty quote next to his picture. I had no clue who he was but i wanted to be his friend. As luck would have it we were in the same room during leap testing. He was having a conversation with this girl and i realized there was my chance. I ended up butting in to their conversation and before you know it we were friends. It didn't take long before i fell in love with him but i couldn't tell him because i wasn't out of the closet yet and neither was he. we became best friends fast. we were inseperable. his family became mine and mine became his. we did everything together. finally after we both came out i told him that i loved him, but he said that he didn't want to do anything that would jeopordize our friendship. So i had to suffer in silence for the next three years. i followed him to college five and a half hours away from home and we lived together. that is where the trouble started. he had already had a boyfriend when i moved in and he was living with us. soon i became friends with his new boyfriend of the week. before i knew his boyfriend and i became good friends and my best friend we will call his taylor became very jealouse. one night me taylor and taylors boyfriend we will call him aarongot really drunk. taylor went outside and smoke cigartettes with our other best friend who came to college with us from home sara. well i went lie down and aaron came lie down next to me on my bed. he then looked at me and said you are beautiful. that was the first  time anyone had ever called me beautiful and i told him to shut up. aaron then said "no you really are beautiful and if anyone tells you different i'll beet the crap out of them" and before i knew it we were making out. i pushed him off when i realizes what we were doing ran outside grabbed taylor and told him what happened. we then procede to pack up aaron's stuff and kick him out. taylor and i spend the next six to seven hours talking laughing and crying. they break up for two days and then they are back together. i told taylor that i wasn't going to be friends with aaron anymore because i didnt want to screw up me and taylors friendship, but taylor told me i had to be his friend because aaron liked me more than he like taylor and if i stopped being friends with aaron that aaron would stop dating taylor to be with me. so i went along with it. they ended up breaking up for good not long after. when they did taylor told me i coulod no longer be friend with aaron anymore and i aggreed even though i had grown very fond of aaron i cared about taylor and i's friendship more. so right around thanksgiving taylor and aaron become friends again. taylor then says i can be friends with aaron again. the time between their breakup and them going back to friends was about a month and taylor was already on his third boyfriend since aaron. so we go off to thanksgiving break and when we return to college aaron calls me to hang out so we do and we end up fooling around that night and he ends up staying over in my room for the whole week but nothing happened again. taylor was fine with it until the end of the week when i bring aaron to class in my car. he came home and was pissed. he told me i could no longer speak to aaron if i wanted to stay friends with him. i did as i was told. well christmas break comes along and i do not speak or see taylor the whole month we had off. so as i am driving up to school at the end of the break taylor tells me that he has moved out of the appartment and will not me there when i come back. so i thought our six year friendship was over. so when i get back to school aaron calls me and says that he misses me and wants to hang out. so we go eat at a nice restaurant and he pays. we then go back to my appartment and hang out. right before aaron leaves he slipps a ring on his finger and says that over the break he had become engaged and then he left. so there i was alone five and a half hours away from home with no friends, my six year long friendhsip over, and the guy who was the reason behind it was gone too. so i tried commiting suicide. i texted my cousin after i had swallowed seventy pills and told her what i did and said goodbye. i figured my family was five and a half hours away and by the time theyr got to me it would be too late. well my cousin called my stepmom and my stepmom called taylor and taylor called the cops. so i was rushed to the hospital and had my stomache pumped. i was in the hospital for a week before taylor came see me. he didn't come alone he came with his newest boy friend and didn't ask me how i was at all. he just talked about the new place he was living and then left. that was the last time we talked. its been one year and one month and not a day goes by that i don't miss him or think about him. i have tried to contact him many times but to no avail. everyday i wake up and wish that this will be the day he answers back


gaspj072 gaspj072
18-21, M
Feb 22, 2010