Robert Why Did You Hurt Me ?

He was so caring, sympathetic, loyal, loving everything I wanted and he did not love me back. He gave me love letters and cards and proclaimed his love for me by holding my hand and getting all sentimental and he said he loved me and gave me roses all the time we went for dinners and I thought this was it and it wasn't. Eventually he just drifted away and I never quite had closure on that he came to my job about a month ago after 22 years and we caught up again through facebook and we talked and he visited me on my job and gave me a big bear hug and told me he was sorry and that he was immature. I felt good about that and I almost wanted to rekindle but what was stopping me is the way he hurt me and I thought maybe it was just for the sex.  I am not doing that to myself again. I just read on a story about healing from a broken heart and it gave good advice I will take this day by day and if he really wants me into his life again legitimately he will call again, I assume at least that is what I hope for I am so depressed and had a bad dream the other night I actually had awaken tearing up it was about him cheating on me and that is how we ended he started seeing a friend of a friend and he just drifted off. He is so not loyal and his father is an ******* too.  Life can be not fair but I wonder why and why certain men are allowed to have that behavior ?   any advice     PS the whole story was not written it would take too long leave any comment you want    ps glad I've seen the light

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

I just learned from my friends daugther that a boy wanted to commit suicide over his girlfriend. I wish I was there to talk to him and tell him that time does heal all wounds and life goes on. For some reason parents neglect the responsibility of making their children feel like someone and the child also needs to see this for themselves. It is both guardians and children that need to work together and the most important part of it all is that you need to have communication. So important please communicate and your children will grow up to be mature, happy, healthy, well rounded adults. I still see too many people making stupid choices so please start making the right ones in life Please ! Thanks Bella