Yah it hurts.. Took a long time to get over it..... I never thought I would fall for someone and get hurt that easily.  I was never that person, that girl.. pffff.... It hits you over the head and wants to make you scream as loud as you can for everyone to hear!!!!-------------There is a reason that people have sayings.. and its because they are true....  Love Blinds You! 

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

read some of my stories maybe you can relate I was hurt pretty bad and the old wounds opened just recently but it is nice to finally be able to vent on here and get some decent support

Yeah, I know what you going thru. Five years on and it hurts more now than it did then...Even thru all the dramas in my life and always being so busy, he still is on my mind 24/7. People say you eventually get over it. Do you really?