Girls Are Retarded

So I reconnected with this girl that I used to know in highschool, last year. We hung out and had  a great time, She really got me and I her, I know it was bad timing because she was telling that she was unhappily married. Very Unhappily. well months go by before we speak again, but when we do we pick up right where we left offf. She tells me that she is leaving her husband and wants to pursue a relationship with me. Needless to say I am thrilled. Chrisma comes around and its great, then New Years and Valentines and everything is excellent. Then a few weeks later out of the blue she tells me that it isn't working becuase she rushed into this, and may want to consider picking this up in a few months.

Now not a day goess by that i don't think about her. I recently moved to this state after graduating college, so I don't have any friends. The part that I don't understand, is that she told me she couldn't stand her husband becuase he never talked to her, he neglected her, it basically seemed like he didn't love her. He never told her anywyas, he never touched her  (sexually)   Did i mention that she married him after only knowing him for 4 months. (thats not a typo) only four months.  They were unhappily married for over 3 years. She wants a family and a happy life. Her and the ex agreed that they would try and start a family after 3 years of being married. Well I guess that was the straw the did it becase he told her that he no longer wanted to have a family.  So she left him.

Now I feel stupid because I should have known better. but there I am waiting with a big grin on my face. and I am the exact opposite of her ex-husband, I love her and I tell her everyday. We have a very healthy sex life, I want to have a family with her and have that same happy life. I thought everything was gonig so great, then she told me all the crap about rushing into this relationship, I mean I understand it and I see where she is coming from, but I dont' see the problem if I wnat to give her everything she wants, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.  All that this has done is cause me heartache, grief, and a lot of sleepless nights.

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Poor soul. I have to agree, us girls never know what we want.

I'm a girl and yes we are retarded. I did something similiar to a guy that I now regret letting go. And I am also unhappily married but I let the guy go so not to hurt him but saw him not long ago after nearly 4 years sinc I last saw him. He was coming up to speak to me but I turned away from him, thinking I was doing the right thing and now I will never know what his true feelings are for me. It hurts...

It always seems that the good guys get the bad girls and the bad guys get the good girls. It sounds like you really love you. She probably didnt want to cause you any heartache, but if she is going through divorce it can be really hard. True love will prevail. Just be patient, she will realise her mistake and see what you are worth. If she can't see it, then Im sorry but she is not worth it. You deserve someone who will give you the same amount of love that you give out.