Feeling Used And Confused...

So I was friends with this guy from work, and we were really close, and it was really nice. We flirted alot, but I thought it was innocent because he had a girlfriend. In fact, his girlfriend was our boss. But then he starts paying for my share of dinners and buying me drinks when we went out with friends and telling me he wished he had met me before his girlfriend. Then he thought it was funny to pretend to kiss me in front of people.

Finally, I said to him "You are acting really inappropriately and people are going to think something is going on between us. And I'm starting to have feelings for you." He told me he couldn't help himself and that he had never felt this way about someone before. And then he suggested that we have a secret relationship because he couldn't leave his girlfriend (I assumed he meant because he would lose his job).

I didn't agree to it at first because I kept telling myself I'm not that kind of girl, but I was really in love with him and I thought he loved me to. Now, I know I was just stupid. He convinced me to sleep with him, but then didn't talk to me at work anymore after that night. He just avoided me completely, and other people at work started asking me what was going on. Two weeks later, I cornered him and told him we needed to talk. He told me to come over to his house after we went out with our friends (including his girlfriend). He didn't actually want to talk, the only thing he said was that he thought he was acting perfectly normal towards me and that of course he cared about me.

Again, I received the cold shoulder at work and he stopped texting me completely.Then he's suddenly best friends with the new younger, hotter girl at work. He goes out on what can only be described as dates with her. He ditches plans with his girlfriend to go out to bars with the new girl. Her facebook page says stuff like "I'm in love!". I confront him, but he claims nothing is going on. Then he tells me I was "just an experiment" to him, but I was too clingy for his tastes. Too clingy!!!! He was the one texting me every night until he fell asleep. A week later, I quit my job with no explanation.

I've learned my lesson, but I'm still in love with that jerk. I guess some things just take time to get over.

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Mar 4, 2010