I Loved Someone Who Didn't Love Me

And there might be a chance that I'm still in love with him.

We were in highschool together. He was new and we became friends pretty quickly, but we never saw eachother outside highschool. He would often call me to know what we had to do, or to see if i had written my essay yet. he borrowed by notes, actually I would type them especially for him. I would have done anything for hi. I was so pathetic. once we graduated he never spoke to me again, always finding an excuse not to answer when i talked to him on the net. I even gave him money, lots of, so that he could buy something (i don't remember what).

I'm so ashamed at myself, and even though i know he was using me, i still hope that maybe one day, we might be together.

I allow you to throw rocks at me, maybe it'll help !

fightstronger fightstronger
18-21, F
Mar 8, 2010