Love, Just A Figment Of My Imagination

Lately I just told my boyfriend of 7 months that I loved him. His response, "I don't love you." It was without any hesitation. He is deployed now to Afghanistan for the next year. He dropped hints that he loved me by saying "I heart you" or "I almost love you"  He is recently divorced (November 09), I was there through all of that. i think it's because he was so hurt and now does not  know how to interpret his feelings. I hope I'm not just making this stuff up and that there is a possibility he may actually love me. Was that too soon to say anything? Does anyone think it's because he is scared of being gone and that I might leave? Maybe he doesn't mean it? Any suggestions or advice would be gratly appreciated. Thanks.



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This post is old too, I have new stuff about more recent things. And on top of that, I love you doesn't mean the same to everyone, especially when they're a divorcee.

I think his response, with no hesitation, says it all. I think its just something you dont want to hear and so your going to explain it away and keep hanging onto him. You deserve someone thats going to love you as much as you love him. Simple as that. Your bf flat out said that he doesnt love you. Has he said that he wants to remain a couple? Or are all of his actions saying he doesnt want to do this right now?

No, I'm not and no one will truly understand because no one else is me.

I think you you think about your sanity and move on to a better chum

I think he is confused about everything right now

The worst thing to do right now is to start blaming yourself, you aren't the problem, i've sat there many times before thinking i have done something wrong and its turned out that he is the problem...i wouldn't sit there thinking he doesn't love you either, speak to him, ask him his reasons, it may be that he's scared, he may not realise yet that he loves you....just remember, they are just words, if he shows you that he loves you then maybe thats better than him saying it