I Like You As A Friend.....

Have you ever been in situation where someone you are in love with tells you what a great friend you are and ask you advice on how to meet girls?

well this has been my story for several months now. Last August I met a guy and we clicked immediately!

He started calling me everyday and asking me out ( but in a friendly way). All of my friends were telling me that he must be into me! He was really sweet calling me honey, stroking my hair and so on.....  he always told me: You are a good friend, you are the most important person in my life, I love you. How can a guy be so affectionate with his woman-friend and then say that this is not sexual but friendly? He now claims to be my best man-friend.

I fell for him.... I am still in love with him although he now has a girlfriend. I said nothing to him about my feelings.


We must not believe that finding the other half is what is going to make us happy. It is wrong that we search for the other half. Why not try to find someone as a whole rather than compromise with a half? Love should be built between 2 wholes not between 2 half's so that they can feel a whole. Because when I need someone else to live the relationship converts to dependency. And when you are dependent, you can not make choices,

And without choices there is no freedom

And without freedom there is no true love

And without true love marriages may exist, but a true relationship doesn't. 

Me and him are two half's. we need each other, and use each other. So it doesn't matter that he doesn't love me the way I want to. I am hoping I will find my whole.


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2 Responses Mar 13, 2010

You should definately expand this and post it. Wants and needs are lost in assumption..... inspiring! <br />

I was the guy in that exact situation last summer. I just adored and respected this girl so much that I could never make the first move. After 2 months she told me she is dating someone else. We were both unsatisfied the way it went. This is an experience I should expand on and post.<br />
<br />
But oh well, lesson learned. Love and closeness come from really knowing who each other are at a deep level... through Very open communication. Then wants and needs are not lost in assumption.