I Love Her And She Doesnt Even Know It

Well i knew this girl since i was in 5th grade. we were always friends, she had dated sum of my friends but nothing ever serious  with any of them. then she dated a friend of mine . they had a relationship for awhile and then she stared to get angry at him sum times and she i think liked me at this time when she was with him. she was i think just trying to make him jealous which it did he would tease me and say i liked her but i didn't wanna say that i liked his girlfriend. then i tryed to forget about her because i didn't think thing would work i stoped think about her so much and started talking to other girls, and still maintained a friendship with her. then i started having feeling for her again and i really wanna tell her how i feel but I'm scared she doesn't feel the same way. now i really wanna tell her, i cry Bessie it just makes me sad when i think about her that i wont be able to be Whit her. she likes someone Else now they arnt dating but they both like each other. i still wanna tell her but I'm even more scared that shell turn me down because she likes this other guy right now.

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Oh and one more thing...if she says no to the date, you should tell her that it's just a date, that all you want is a chance. And then let's say you both go on the date, make her feel special but at the same time don't be too nice because girls usually don't like that for some reason.

You should have told her sooner, but you can still make this work, it's not like she's married or anything. I think you should tell her how you feel, but first find out just how much she likes this guy. I take it you are close friends with her after all these years. Definitely ask her how much she likes this guy, try to dig for information about if she really wants to date him and all. I think you should tell her before they start dating. Tell her how you feel and ask her to go on a date.Good luck!!!