I've Fallen In Love With My Guitar Teacher

It's quite scary to say this, but I have fallen in love with my guitar teacher. I'm 13 years old and don't say this is just a crush because I know it's not. I know the difference. Otherwise I wouldn't say I was in love with him. Anyway, I see him every week 1-to-1 lessons and it's half an hour of heaven. I think he has the same feelings for me. Let me tell you what happened last lesson:
It was normal in the first 15 minutes, but when I started playing, I made loads of errors. He didn't even change his expression from smiling. He played the song saying that it might help which it did a bit. Then it was quite different from how we were playing it (it was more of a rock track) and then he said "I like the way we were playing it better" Then I giggled a little and he blushed. When he sat down he came closer to me. He's generally quite a shy person, so don't think he's some pervert. He's really young too. I would say 21-23 years old. And it wasn't that much. He was a little more shy than usual after that. Then this man walked in with a ladder. Of course, we had to stand up to move out the way, but the look if looks could kill...
His face was outraged. He had gone a bit red as well. Well the man placed the ladder and walked back, with a worried look on his face. We continued to play and I asked him what the chord was and for the first time, he actually touched my finger to show where to put it. He went quite red in the face and he had an apologetic look on his face. I smiled at him and the colour ran out of his face.
When it's time to go home he says take 'take care' and he hesitates quite a bit when he says 'goodbye'.
When I was on holiday and missed a week he said 'It seems like ages since I've seen you' and in the same lesson while I was playing the guitar he seemed to be in a 'hypnotic state' as it was quite relaxing and he said hesitating quite a lot 'It... goes nice with the... rain' and he giggled and smiled. And if you didn't get it, he's NOT perverted. I know he would never be like that, but I'm thinking of taking my work experience there in 2 years, so I can get to see him more and if he actually likes me.
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I was in love with my guitar teacher for a long *** time lol. But then I came to realize that it would never happen. He's 26 and I'm 15 almost 16. I honestly think he is the most beautiful thing God has ever created. Any way. I had another teacher for awhile before him, and that teacher never thought I was as talented as this one. He loves my music, and I love his. He is writing an album right now with his band and he played me a song today that he wrote. It was probably my worst decision to ask him to sing it because when he did all i could think about was how beautiful this man was. He was smart, funny , kind, handsome, and he had the most godly voice. It made me fall back in love with him. He talked about how he used to help sea turtles and was a teachers aid for the special needs class. Everytime he brings up his gf it kills me inside and my heart cracks and writing this right now makes me wanna cry bc i just want him to wait until i turn 18 and maybe he can see if he likes me too. It breaks my heart that the one person that I am in love with most is him, and he can never know. I love him so much it's impossible.

I'm in the exact same position but I don't think he has any feelings for me I know what you mean when you say your in love and you know the difference between a crush and being in love so many people have said to
Me that it's just a crush it's so anoying don't know what to do!! Good luck

Almost exactly the same situation as me...glad I'm not the only one :)