It's Best To Keep Loving Them

Modern psychologists would tell you to stop loving someone when they don't love you back. And this kinda works for some people. But, it is not the best path.  The best path is to always keep loving someone once you have started loving them, no matter what happens.  No matter what.  This does not mean you need to stay with someone, it simply means to keep loving them, whether you are with them or apart.  By chosing to continue to love someone, even if they hurt you, then your heart will grow bigger and stronger.  And, each time you chose to love those who don't love you back, then your heart gets bigger and warmer.  And, soon, before too long, your heart will be so big that you will find it easy to love everyone, all the time, and no one will ever hurt you again, because all you will do is love, and all you will feel is love, and that is the secret to heaven on earth.

So, in all situations, especially in the bad ones: Love!  Love those who hurt you.  Love those who leave you.  Love those who don't love you back.  Love those who don't care.  Love everyone.

This is not easy to do, but everyone can do it.  (And, it is easier than being bitter, or angry.)
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I choose to cut off all contacts and relationships with those that hurt me so much. They can't hurt me and make me angry any more. I take a better step to move on.

really well said ...just loved it....this is really inspiring ...thankyou so much......changed my idea of love ...*_*

You are right, well said. And God helps us do it since He is love. Love is always good and never dies. So said when people can't see that sometimes someone just can't show it or let it flow then they think the love died or was a lie.


interesting...It might depend but IDK...maybe.

indeed very well said :)

Thank you sunnysun :-)

This is a wonderful story and advice. it comes to me at a perfect time too. Someone i love is moving out of my life and i have been trying to stop loving him.
thank you for this story. i am so tired of being hurt by lost love.

"...trying to stop loving..."
That too is tiring. I would give it up.
Just keep loving.
It's easier.



Such a delightful attitude! If only everyone of us could take this to heart. Thank you so much for sharing.

<p>So you really have no choice but to keep on loving me, er us. ;-)</P>

well yeah we do have a choice to forgive and to
keep loving the person who hurt us.
no one has to forgive and keep loving.
But it is so much better to forgive and keep
loving the person because he is like
medicine and it can help us to heal.
it is so much better to love than it is to hate

Wonderful sentiments. We could use a little more love in the world......

See? We need more people like Whym. *sends a ton of love her way too* xo

yep, sending hugs and love to every one.

yeah love needs to shine out in this world more,
too much hate in this world.

yep we sure is wonderful feeling, love of a parent, love of a good friend, love comes in many ways.
my cat even loves me. the world needs so much love in this world.

yeah, that sounds like a song.
are you a singer? i love those words

Wonderful sentiment from a wonderful person. He is.

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Your story is beautiful.
it more than a story.
it is true.
we must love everyone no matter if they hurt us.
I was once in sad situation.
but I forgave and still love.
you have a very encourging story here.

Thank you and thank God :-)

You so welcome.

I try to do it now. I went through a brutally bad and horrible period of my life, like living hell. But now, two days after my lowest condition, I pray constantly to Christ and God to help me feel their unconditional love. I exposed myself to very satanic, hateful things, here on the Internet. I dont know the exact reasons why, but demons tricked me into this all the time. I pray for absolution and to get rid of them. Only positive thing about them was to learn that how big can be the hatred of men against each other. It is very sad, but true. And I have now only ONE person who can give me LOVE, and He is Jesus Christ, God. I lost my trust with everybody else. It is final, I can still love them, but I lost the trust. I think it is not always a problem. Today most young people think that what they accomplish is due to their willpower and positive thinking. NO, it is not about that, no way at all! Most people sadly today judge others from their outward appearances, authority, money. All these things that they worship is a form of non-love, indulgence in their own egos. I am so sorry about it, so painfully sorry........ You really cannot imagine the suffering how hard it is for me to live in this current world. I am sacrificial, but anytime I want to change, it just doesnt change. I mean the world around me. I have been judged too many times and humiliated to believe that I can change anything against this terrible hate.

That is very interesting. You have learned a lot. I like your statement: \"All these things that they worship is a form of non-love,...\" Very true! :-)

Thank you. : ) I think people became extremely hurried and therefore they judge too soon as well. Satan wants us to be extremely immersed in our daily fight for money. Most people today live in a perpetual slavery, whether they are aware of it or not, they DO! Most rotten thing of the recent plot of Satan is to make every races, societies, families against each other. And this scheme is the most vicious of ALL times. Do you agree with me?

I don\'t know what is the most vicious from satan, because there is a lot, but through all the darkness and evil, the Light and Love still shine, still conquer, still triumph, still persevere.

When you accept God's love for you, it will naturally flow out of you and to others.
Love is also sacrificial in nature. It wants what is best for other people, not ourselves. Once again, this goes against our nature. We look out for number one first and foremost. Jesus set the example of sacrificial love for us by dying on the cross. You will probably never be put in a position to die for a loved one but there will be many times when you'll need to sacrifice your time, your money, and your preferences in order to show love to someone.
The key to love is God.

yep :-)

Awesome! I wish all your read this and take it to their heart. Our world has so much hate that destroys. If people can find it in their hearts to love this really would be heaven on earth. Thanks so much for sharing

:-) :-) Thanks keeva!

Let's do it! For Love... :-)

:-) :-)

Hello, I do love your story. We were made by God with love. Love is something to be shared by all. thank you

I agree with you. Love is love and only knows love. The only way to love is without conditions. I love regardless of weather i'm being loved, disliked or hated. I love and i will always love. Thanks for sharing.

(っ◕‿◕)っ ♥

Thank you. I don't know what this is though. On my screen it looks like 4 blank squares within parenthesis, with a heart at the end. It might be displaying incorrectly.

LOL! it is a smiley face with arms and a heart. i made it with japanese hiragana. too bad it didn't show up on your computer. is your computer old?

my computer is powered by gerbils

oh those slackers! teeheee :D

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Agree all the way Love is life and life is great >>
Two wrongs don't make a right >>>
Power to all the love in the world >>>
Worded very nicely !! Thank's for posting >>>

Thank you for reading! . :-)

Yes, and I think that hurt is bearable, because God keeps loving you when others don't.