i met her on here, went the thousand miles to see her 3 times, would have went all the time if i had the money. she dumped me on the third trip, i have tryed to get her back, but have upset her to the point she wont talk to me any more. i must move on for her sake as well as mine, but i will never regret our time together
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=( Sorry to hear that. Someone else will come along soon. 1000 miles! wow ! =) though we should know, there is no distance too far to travel to prove we care, it is admirable to show you would do this nevertheless. You messed up?. Must have been something bad. You said it yourself, You upset her, and that, my friend, warrants closing the door on you. Even the wisest, most experienced humans can fall, and cause pain to each other. The harder part though, is to conjure up the strength to get up from it all and move once again. Good luck and God bless.

I understand......I didn't go 1000 miles, but was dumped. That was twelve years ago, and I'm well past it. Still, it is not easy to meet someone online, communicate for a while, and make the effort to meet them. It would be nice if people were more sensitive to that, and treated others as they would like to be treated. I'm sorry for the pain you've been through. Thank you for sharing.

thank you for the supportive response, and for being a friend

You're welcome!