Teachers Stockings

Many years ago - she used to sit on the edge of her desk (positioned in the corner of the classroom) - one foot on the floor, the other leg dangling - and so from my desk I could see her thigh and up to her stocking tops. One day the suspender clip pulling taut on the stocking top - lesson after lesson.

I always thought she disliked me but sometimes she was really nice to me - was she doing this deliberately?

I would love to think so but who knows - I used to find her subject difficult but in a way I looked forward to the lessons and subsequent teenage relief .

I still think about those lessons.

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I think we all had a teacher like that, but to a girl like myself the view was very annoying. Mine was the Spanish teacher, who didn't dangle her leg but sat on the edge of the desk and crossed them. Behold the welts of her stocking tops and her purple garter straps! Personally I think she was just careless. Either that or she switched from garter stockings to pantyhose every other day and forgot what she had on. Hey, it can happen! By the time I got to high school most teachers wore the more sensible pantyhose under their skirts, and as for students, no girl in her right mind would show up at school in a garter belt. In fact I didn't wear one until I was married, but that's another story, which I believe you read.

Well thanks for your comment - I had no idea that those kind of books existed - something else I learned today and somethign else I need to searhc out then!

I had a similar teacher, and other women whose stocking tops I used to seek out. Including my mother's. I read a great (cheap) ebook recently which is all about a young guy and stockinged teacher. It's called Teacher's Torments, and is available from smashwords and elsewhere. I thought it was fantastically exciting. Other great nylon books there, too. Fetish Fiction, I think the imprint is called.