A Redneck 4th of July

This was my 1st 4th of July in Florida.  It was supposed to be a small family gathering in the backyard. Let me describe the yard. We live in a rural area the backyard is huge. The yard ends and a barbed wire fence seperates it from a massive cow pasture that goes all the way from one county to another. At dusk people started showing up. People my daughter had never even met before. We're at my daughters house! These people showed up in cars, SUV's, and pickup trucks. My daughter just shrugged and said my son-in-law probably invited someone and that someone probably invited someone else - so on and so forth. The people were flocking in with their kids, babies, and lawn chairs under their arms. The fireworks were located on a flatbed trailor ( used to haul garbage.) I have never in my life seen so many fireworks. I was later told there was about $600.00 worth.  Everybody situated their chairs in the yard a ways back from the trailor and went back to their vehicles to get their coolers of beer, wine coolers, and whatever else you drink for a fireworks extraveganza.  The show started at dusk.  Everyone started with the oohs and ahhs, but it abruptly stopped when the fireworks started hissing toward their faces and hair.  What a sight - people running and screaming,  fireworks whistling and popping.  The people ran far from the trailor in sheer panic, forgetting their chairs, coolers, and a kid or two. Finally the first small portion of the show stopped and everything was quiet People looked shell shocked. That lasted around 10 seconds and then they realized the show was about to begin again. There was a stampede back to the chairs and their belongings. Ok, I knew they were going to move their stuff back right? Will yeah,  about a foot or so.  Yep, there were nearly a few hair fires, and a few spark burns.  I myself sat on the porch which was like two city blocks away from the display. Imagine 50 people scrambling around - it was to funny. I love red necks I honestly do. I'm going to love living here. Ah the stories to tell.


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My dad use to set off all the illegal fireworks he could find. We were all sitting on the porch and one of the fireworks came at us and everyone started screaming. My dad even set them off in the middle of the road and cars would have to stop and you could hear the cows mooing down the road. I loved it too.

very good desc<x>ription baby of 4th July and ur neighbourhood you have a flIR FOR WRITING BABY. keep up the good work, okay?